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Please note that I made this site back in the nineties, and I did only very few changes ever since. Why change something that works? Of course, the style of the site is archaic and just now (January 2019) I noticed that there is a reference to Netscape Navigator, the browser that probably does not even exist any more. I changed it to Firefox :) Since I prefer to spend more time with my children and with my goats now, I will probably never spend much time making the site better. I still have the collection of posters. I dont mind keeping the posters in my family for another 50 years, so I have the collection in the attic of my old house where I dont go often. If You will have a serious interest in few posters, I will find some time and travel there and retrieve them for You, but normally I just give the posters rest. I recommend that You purchase a high resolution scan from me - the resolution is high enough for printing at the original size, and I can send these immediatelly.

Collection of 1400+ POSTERS from Russia, Czech republic, Poland and Cuba. Many are for sale!

Free souvenir for anybody!

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Propaganda Posters CD, Chinese posters CD

Most posters in our collection are originals, acquired in Russia in the 80's (exceptions are clearly marked), political posters, made in the period 1950 - 1990, published with the supervision of the Communist Party, and were designed to make people work harder, be better communists and good patriots.
Please be careful, most of these posters contain ruthless propaganda. Let's take them as historical artefacts...  

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These pages were made with the goal to establish an online collection/museum of posters. Since we have multiple pieces of many (original) posters in our collection, we can sell the surplus. We also welcome trade - if you have any interesting posters, be they Russian, Chinese, American, old, new, home-made, political, movie, circus, ANY posters... let us know
Please understand that we are not any kind of big company with employees and 24/7 customer service. It is our collection of posters, our hobby. We are doing our best to find time to sort thru the floods of emails and respond to each within a few days... We always respond to all emails, but, please, be patient. Peter

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Our commentary: War On Terrorism AND PROPAGANDA
A few pictures from a typical Russian town

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Reprints are also available:

Reprints made from any of our professional, high-res scans
Russian Paintings, Reproductions, Artprints.
Chinese reprints and more Russian Posters Reprints
Russian poster reprints at PrintFinder.
100.000 non-propaganda posters, collectibles.
Posters, reprinted by the Soviet regime -
available directly from us.
Posters, reprinted in Russia recently - available directly from us.
Old Russian Propaganda Posters: 196 Reproductions and Artprints thru Allposters. Many are sold out, but search on their site for new reprints.
Selection of 80 Best-Selling Reproductions of Old Russian Propaganda Posters thru Allposters. Many are sold out, but search on their site for new reprints.
Selection of 80 Best-Selling Reproductions of Old Russian Propaganda Posters - small images
thru Allposters. Many are sold out, but search on their site for new reprints.

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Russian Reprints Series:
10 - Medals, Decorations, Badges, Awards
11 - Soviet Army and Soviet Soldiers
12 - WW2, Komsomol, Soviet Republics
13 - Lenin - Posters, Pictures, Biography
14 - Posters for children

15 - Posters, reprinted in Russia recently

Other items:
16 - Czech and Russian Propaganda - small posters, cards, badges

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Czech and Slovakian Propaganda Posters
Czech Contemporary Posters
Czech Theater Posters
Polish Circus and Theater Posters

Contemporary work: Bush fan club


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