How to read info on the images:

Posters, that were scanned in the first batch: They have two numbers on their side and a ruler. Posters that were scanned later don't have these numbers, only have the ruler on the side.

The red number on the side of posters is an ID number (=file number) of each poster (x001-x199 for cuban posters, x201-x599 soviet posters, x601-x699 for soviet reprint series, x701-x799 polish, x801-x899 czech, x901-x999 other posters, where x can be any number, starting 0),
the black number is the year of printing.
The ruler has 1ft ~ 30,48cm  [1" ~ 2,54cm].

The whole collection was divided into several pages. It can still take some time for the pages to load; please, be patient - it is worth it. I believe that it is more comfortable then if the gallery was divided into many short pages and you had to keep clicking...

Images are clickable - links lead to bigger  pictures. Please, don't abuse this system and don't "harvest" the images using some robots. The amount of traffic on the server is tremendous. If You want to have all the images, consider getting our Propaganda Posters CD - You will get thousands of extra images, too.

Pictures were taken under various conditions - although care was taken to adjust brightness and color balance to achieve standardized output, differences were still noted. The white background paper and the blue ruler were identical for all posters, so one can determine which posters are too dark or have red tint for example - using those as a reference. See below:
s036.jpg (9413 bytes)s269b.jpg posters219.jpg Soviet propaganda posterRussian Poster

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