Payment methods.
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How to get the posters, scans or CD:

1) email us to confirm poster availability. Mention the poster number.

We will let You know whether the posters really are available, give You our mailing address and payment details. 
We will put the posters aside and hold them for You for ten days, awaiting Your confirmation and details of payment.

2) Count Your total by adding the prices for the posters and s+h (shipping & handling is €16 worldwide for any number of posters, includes a mailing tube; s+h for The Propaganda Posters CD is only €4, s+h for scans is free if transferred online, €7 if sent on CD or DVD).

3) Send us funds using one of the many options below

4) Return our email and confirm: 
- what are You ordering 
- the amount sent
- when have You sent the payment
- how did You pay [bank transfer, money order or personal cheque in mail, Western Union]
- Your shipping address. 

If You cannot pay right away, at least let us know what are Your plans so we can hold the posters for You longer. 

All prices are quoted in €. You can pay using other currencies as well, as long as You keep the current exchange rate.
Currency conversion rates

5) Ordered items will be shipped to You via Postal Service. Delivery times vary, but typically, from 4 to 8 days.
If You need the poster VERY fast and if You got our confirmation, we can also send the items via UPS or, possibly, other company. For many destinations, next-day delivery is possible.
These companies are very expensive, so You might want to use cheaper alternatives: for gifts, You can print a card with the poster image and a note that the original is in the mail... For printing purposes, we have scans of some posters that we can email to You.
If You do need the express delivery, You can either prepay the charges or use Your account that You have with the company to pay for the charges (in this case, You will need to fax a confirmation to our local branch), or You can send us money to cover the expenses. We have extra phone calls and arrangements to make, so we charge additional €7 for using of the courier companies. The UPS does not pick up on the weekends.

The easy, fast, safe method of payment:

MoneyBookers payment for posters MoneyBookers is a service similar to PayPal (but without the PayPal arrogance). Just create Your free account and send me the funds to my email, The payment is instant. Maximum cost is 66 cents per transaction.

PAYPAL is similar system. Not as good as MoneyBookers, but more known - that is why we include it. You can also use Your credit/debit card to pay thru PayPal.

When using Your
* PayPal Balance
* PayPal Instant Transfer
* PayPal eCheck
funding to send the payment, pay to our paypal address.

When using Your
* credit or debit card
funding to send the payment, pay to our paypal address.


Alternative methods of payment:

Bank Transfer. Simply, go to your bank and tell them you want to transfer money to our account.
If you would WIRE them, it would be even faster, but considerably more expensive. Ordinary bank transfer is fast enough. Banks usually charge from 0,5% to 1% of the amount sent only. 

You will need to provide Your bank with our bank info - email us for specific instructions.

When you are done, please tell us that you have transfered money to us - we need to know the exact amount and date so we can locate the payment.
If Your bank has no clue what a "bank transfer" is, go to a better bank.

Western Union, COD, Cashier's Cheque, Certified Cheque, International Money Order, Personal Cheque or cash. Email us for specific instructions.

Cash Via Insured Letter:

It is the easiest and cheapest way, and it is fast.
It can be practical especially for small amounts of money and to pay for our PosterCD.
It does not offer such a protection to You as bank transfers and money orders, but sometimes it is wiser to risk this little amount than to spend lots of money on sending. I have seen a customer who was sending me €7 and spent over €30 to send it via special courier... My friend is sometimes sending me €100 cash and they never got lost from a certified letter.

Major advantages of sending cash are:
- You do not have to pay for any bank transfer or money order.
- You don't even have to go to the bank
- if You send Your letter insured and certified, the risk of the money getting lost is minimal. In fact, it has never happened ever to us that cash would get lost during shipment. But use Your own judgement - we cannot take responsibility if Your cash does get stolen/removed from the certified letter during delivery.

If You decide to mail cash:
Double check that the amount is correct.
Write the amount on a paper that You will include in the envelope
Wrap the notes in a thick paper, seal it.
Put it that in an envelope and seal the envelope well,
don't insert any coins as they might tear the envelope.
Ask for USPS form 2865 to have the letter insured (optional).
A letter sent from within the USA via USPS, with Recorder Delivery, Return Receipt and Form 2865 costs € 4,85 and usualy takes less than a week to arrive. In the UK, Certified Mail is called SignedFor.

C.O.D., Cash On Delivery: It is very easy and convenient. It is available for certain countries only however:

Belgium min. €130, max. €1300  
Czech republic   CZK
Greece max. 2000 Euro EURO
Hungary max. €2700 USD
Latvia max. €2000 USD
Portugal max. 1000 Euro EURO
Slovakia   SKK
Sweden max. 2000 SEK SEK
Turkey max. €1000 USD

For Belgium only, there is € 5 surcharge to our standard shipping and handling fee. List of countries is subject to change - many more are likely to be added.
How C.O.D. works: You order from us, we send the package. It arrives at Your post office, You pay for it and receive the package. Your post office will send the money to us. They might ask for a fee to cover this sending - ask at Your post office.

Money orders from banks are practically the same as Cashier's or Certified Cheques. Simply ask for it at almost any bank (it does not have to be the bank where You have an account), pay for it and send it to us in an envelope.  Some Credit Unions or supermarkets give them free.

No need to spend a fortune on the postage: USPS Priority Mail costs €5 and takes 4 days, ordinary letter costs 80 cents and takes usually 6 days from the USA. FedEx and couriers can deliver the letter in 1 day, but they are considerably more expensive.

If You are in a rush, You can send us a scan of the purchased money order with a note that You HAVE just sent it to us - in that case, it is possible that we will not wait for the money order to arrive and send the poster right away. Please send the scans in jpg format, under 150kB.

USPS money order might be convenient for You since You can get one at any post office in the USA. Keep in mind that they sell both US-only and International Money Orders. You have to get the International one, fill in all the fields, and send it to the USPS International Processing Center in St. Louis, MO. Your Post Office will give You the exact address to send it to. They will transfer the funds to us within two or three weeks.

Personal cheques are acceptable too since it is the simplest option for You. It is the slowest one though - we have to deposit them and wait until they clear. Please keep a sufficient balance on Your account until they clear.

Western Union system is fairly easy, but it can be costly. You'd need to go to the nearest Western Union branch and pay the amount plus expenses. You will be given a ten-digit number. You will send us that number along with the amount paid, numbers of the items that You are ordering and Your shipping address. Money will be transferred instantly. The fee is around 10% and more, exact fee schedule is here. More about Western Union.

Credit Cards: You can use them if You pay via MoneyBookers or PayPal.

How fast are the above methods:
MoneyBookers   MoneyBookers payment for posters The payment is instant.


The payment is instant.
Wire 1-2 days
Western Union almost instant.
Bank transfer usually 2-5 days
International Money Order

your bank will issue them to you instantly. When you send them to us via "snail" mail, delivery takes about 5 days from the North America, less from Europe. We ship the poster immediately after receiving the cheque

Personal Cheque we often wait until the cheque clears to see if there were sufficient funds at your account. This takes about 10-15 days from the moment we receive your cheque. But then again, it might be more convenient for you to just write a cheque instead of going to the bank...

Note: if You are buying items from Chagall, Bob Marley, Vintage Lithographs or Other Collection sections, see specific payment instructions there.

Please note: we cannot be responsible for Your money until we actually receive a cheque, money order, bank tranfer, cash and the like. Choose a safe payment method.

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