Shipping and handling

The posters are shipped in a very sturdy and waterproof tube. Our s+h costs depend on the amount of posters shipped, their size, weight, region You live in... To keep it simple, we have averaged the costs:

For any region, any poster sizes, any quantity of posters
€16 per shipment (first class mail sent the same day, and the very sturdy and waterproof mailing tube is included!). 

s+h for The Propaganda Posters CD is only €4, s+h for scans is free if transferred online, €7 if sent on CD or DVD).

Ordered items will be shipped to You via Postal Service. Delivery times vary, but typically, from 4 to 8 days.
If You need the poster VERY fast and if You got our confirmation, we can also send the items via UPS or, possibly, other company. For many destinations, next-day delivery is possible.
These companies are very expensive, so You might want to use cheaper alternatives: for gifts, You can print a card with the poster image and a note that the original is in the mail... For printing purposes, we have scans of some posters that we can email to You.
If You do need the express delivery, You can either prepay the charges or use Your account that You have with the company to pay for the charges (in this case, You will need to fax a confirmation to our local branch), or You can send us money to cover the expenses. We have extra phone calls and arrangements to make, so we charge additional €7 for using of the courier companies. The UPS does not pick up on the weekends. Confirm with us first, before making any arrangements.


Some sections do have different shipping and payment rules, but those are clearly marked.

 Should You be not satisfied with Your purchase and return the poster(s), we will refund You the full price when we receive the poster(s) back. The Shipping And Handling Fee is not refundable.




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