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Do You want to get our Propaganda Posters CD for free? 

Try Your luck! We have prepared three ways how You can get the CD!


Use this link to send an email to Your friends telling them about this site. You can customize the text of that email - write them what You want. We will receive a blind copy of each such email. The sender of every 77th email that we receive will be awarded with a complimentary copy of the CD!!! We will not be using/misusing the email addresses in ANY way other than choosing whom to send the award to. If that link does not work with Your browser or if You want to write it in different language, compose the email manually.
YOU CAN SEND THE EMAIL TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU WANT TO, EXCEPT YOU MIGHT NOT SPAM IN ANY WAY - only 17 emails will qualify towards the CD. You can only send the email to people that You know. With every email, Your chance to get the free CD is increasing -  please send a separate email to each recipient to qualify.


Instead of sending emails, You might establish a link from Your pages to ours. Send us an email with the location of the link and we will credit You as if You would send emails to 12 friends of Yours.
The html code for the link can look like this:

<p align="center"><a href="">Propaganda Posters</a></p> - gallery and sale.

You can also use a banner - code then looks like as follows:

<p align="center"><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="700 propaganda posters - click here!" width="468" height="60"></a></p> for this banner

Propaganda Posters Gallery

align="center"><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="Propaganda Posters Gallery" width="468" height="60"></a></p> for this one:

Propaganda Posters Gallery

You can establish as many as four links to us. If they will be located on different sites, each of them will count as 12 emails.


We will send You the Propaganda Posters CD right away if You will become an affiliate of Allposters, inc. and get from them a commission of €100 or more!

The benefits to You:

How to claim our Propaganda Posters CD for free:

Why do we offer this deal:

Become an affiliate of Allposters, inc., link to thousands of posters, earn 20% commission on each sale just for linking, receive Your free poster  (incl. free shipping worldwide) and if You will be successfull and generate sales, we will reward You with the Propaganda Posters CD for free!


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