Am I a communist? No.

I am NOT.
I do like socially oriented countries, whose citizens do not have to worry that sudden ilness will ruin their budget, where it is almost impossible to be left without money to live. Where people have dignity.
I like countries that don't relay on punishment to remedy their social problems. Jails have never made anybody better.

I am not a communist though. I don't know which system works well. Maybe the solution is not as much in the system. It can be in the level of education, social welfare, in tolerance, free, truly unrestricted speech, in peaceful tradition instead.  Scandinavian countries can be the way perhaps.

I don't feel secure in the USA (even though I always had lot of fun here and was lucky to have plenty of resources - I am definitely not bitter), but I also in no way support state Communism that was present in Russia, China or other countries. For one thing, leaders in those countries have only exploated the terms "Communism" and "Socialism" and "People's power" for their own benefit - people themselves had no power at all in reality. Plus, Socialism as envisioned by Lenin and other comrades seemed to fail any promises it made. That system is possibly too prone to misuse.

 Socialistic "philosophy" was dogmatic and closer in principles to religion than to philosophy. Adoration for the leaders, making it a sin to doubt, ...


Do I support Communism by exhibiting these Propaganda Posters?

I am sure I don't. I am trying to show Propaganda as a mighty deceive. I am trying to show how abundant and flourishing Propaganda can be. We take these posters as funny, overdone. But when people get brainwashed enough, they really believe them!

People do fall for Propaganda.  Not only in Russia. In many countries. Propaganda has many forms. Virtual reality is being created by many a media. Watched news on TV lately? It is a scary picture.

If this page will imunize people at least a little bit against Propaganda and totaliarian, brainwashing systems, I will feel that my work on this page had sense.

Meanwhile, I am also hoping that some posters will make you laugh - humor is a good thing, always.

 War On Terrorism and PROPAGANDA

Petr, Propaganda Posters