Shipping and handling for Old Russian Posters

This section refers to posters c7001-9 only.

Other posters have different shipping and payment rules.


These posters will be shipped to You from the USA. Since they are very rare, they will be shipped with extra care and in very reliable tubes. The shipping for these posters [only] is €20 within the USA and €25 internationally.

Order Old Original Russian Posters (write us the number of the poster You are interested in).

These posters are available also as a scan or printed on hot and cold press art paper and canvas, we can produce mouse pads and variety of other items.

Reproductions of these posters are very very nice. In some ways, they are a better product than the originals, because the paper is non acid and top quality, not inferior like the original paper was. In fact, we can supply reproductions on canvas and other media, not only paper. There are several papers available, the best seems to be a semi-gloss. Price for reproductions: €250 plus shipping. We can supply reproductions of any of the Old Russian Posters. Ask.




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Barnes & Noble - sells interesting reproductions (and books, of course).
Barewalls - a huge poster store
Amazon books and prints
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