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Reprints of old Czech posters that are marked "Reprint by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia [probably from the 70's] " are available in very limited quantites. In fact, we only have a few pieces left.
Many of those prints are in less-than-perfect condition due to negligent treatment before they got to us. Apparently, some of them got moist and humidity took its toll.
We don't want to prepare any unpleasant surprise for you and so we have inspected and counted all the remaining pieces and categorized the damages. Posters were put into nine categories [c0 - c7 and cx]:

Poster damages

Color coding on this picture:

I = slight, almost unvisible damage. Paper is slightly undulated.

II = paper a bit weakened

III = paper is very weak, sometimes even missing, or has rips

The numbers 0 thru 7 stand for the categories c0 thru c7.

c0 = perfect, mint condition
c 1= almost perfect condition, damages are minimal and almost invisible
c 2 to c 5 = damages limited to a small area
c6 = bigger area involved. The poster will still look good 

when framed, eventually professionally restored. Paper is weaker, but still holds together.
c 7 = very severe damage on a large area. The affected area is not really salvageable and so there is a possibility that you will have to cut the poster and use only part of it.
cx = special category, custom defined in the table below


- the unmarked areas were not affected at all
- keep in mind that all posters have at least 1cm wide white edge [#888 has 5cm and #885 has 6,1cm wide white edge] - so the actual picture is sometimes not even affected by the damage.
- some poster are positioned horizontally - picture above shows that the damages that were on the left edge on the "vertical" poster are situated on the top of the "horizontal" poster.

Most posters are only available in certain condition categories. Here is the list of posters with all the available categories listed:


category c0 c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 c7


discount 0% 3% 5% 7% 10% 12% 25% 55% varies - see below

poster #

Categories that might be available for each poster

Additional categories

833   c1      c4   c6 c7  
834   c1   c3     c6 c7  
870   c1         c6 c7  
871   c1     c4   c6 c7  
872   c1     c4   c6 c7  
874   c1         c6 c7  
875   c1     c4   c6 c7  
876   c1         c6 c7  
877 c0 c1   c3 c4   c6 c7 c7 and also all greased, discount 75%
878   c1       c5 c6 c7  
879   c1     c4     c7 like c6, but has a little spot from a dead fly, discount 27%
880   c1         c6 c7  
881   c1     c4     c7 like c6, but has a little spot from a dead fly on the back, discount 27%
882   c1         c6 c7  
883   c1         c6 c7  
884   c1         c6 c7  
885   c1         c6 c7  
886   c1     c4     c7  
887   c1         c6 c7  
888   c1         c6 c7 cX1: 1 poster: Condition would be perfect, no water damage, but the poster has lots of wrinkles, special discount 13%
                  cX2: 1 poster: Little red spots on the left white edge, not on the picture itself. Discount = 5%
889   c1         c6 c7 1 poster: Red watercolor (?) spots on the back, discount = 3%
890   c1     c4   c6 c7  
891   c1     c4   c6 c7  
892   c1     c4   c6 c7  
893   c1     c4   c6 c7  
894   c1     c4   c6 c7  
895   c1 c2   c4   c6 c7  
896   c1   c3     c6 c7  
897   c1     c4   c6 c7  

When ordering posters from this table, please state also desired condition, e.g. Poster #897, c7. Please confirm the availability via email before ordering.


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