Reservation of posters

We reserve posters if You submit a deposit (we don't offer the deposit-free reservation any more - it was very time-consuming for us to search for particular posters... Then, when we were sent a notice to the customer, we have often found that the email address provided was no longer valid...)

The deposit is 25% of the sale price, refundable at any time and for any reason, upon request (minus € 5 banking fee that we pay to our bank for transfers).

Posters are sold for prices that are valid at the time of the final purchase. Reservation carries no obligation to You - if You choose not to get the poster for any reason, Your deposit will be returned to You in the manner stated above.

To proceed: follow the instructions on the page Payment methods, except mention a "reservation deposit" in all emails.

Which posters can be reserved? Almost all the posters that are not available immediatelly.
Why can they be reserved? Because we have them in our archive. The archive is far away and the posters are not in any order there. So, we will have to spend a few months sorting the posters to be able to retrieve a particular poster. We don't know when we will get to it. That is why these posters might not be available for an year or two!

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