Contemporary graphics based on Soviet Propaganda Posters

Posters by Frank Vogt, Eindhoven, Netherlands

All posters are 60 cm  x 80cm
Frank says about himself and his work:
I am a graphic designer who's work is strongly influenced by russian
designers and constructivists.

In my work I try to mix propaganda styles with pop icons from different
cultures. This leaves the viewer confused, a good thing because we only
recognise propaganda from other cultures.
The work so far is still a one off, wich means that the posters are not being
printed in large numbers,  usualy just one and that means that such poster is unique. 
The cost to print a 60cm x 80 cm graphic is not cheap.
c7021.jpg (54897 bajtý)
c7021/ 250,-EURO
c7022.jpg (59609 bajtý)
c7022/ 250,-EURO
c7023.jpg (58629 bajtý)
c7023/ 300,-EURO
c7024.jpg (60136 bajtý)
c7024/ 820,-EURO
c7025.jpg (78605 bajtý)
c7025/ 574,-EURO
c7026.jpg (116817 bajtý)
c7026/ 425,-EURO
c7027.jpg (78450 bajtý)
c7027/ 350,-EURO
c7028.jpg (121974 bajtý)
c7028/ 375,-EURO
c7029.jpg (63703 bajtý)
c7029/ 400,-EURO
c7030.jpg (64693 bajtý)
c7030/ 920,-EURO

available propaganda posters