Will the Czech republic attack the USA?

No, of course not. It is always beneficial though to assess the moral justification of policies by switching the roles.

So, try to imagine this:

The Czech republic has decided that "the world needs to be changed". They have to start somewhere, so they have chosen the country that has its agents all over the world - the USA. In addition, The States have oil, lots of oil… And so lets try, along with the Czech government, to find a pretext for the Attack on the USA. Yes, let's be a bit biased in this evaluation; let's try to see the downs more than the ups- we are looking for a justification of war. We are looking for enemies.

Does the USA have the weapons of mass destruction?

Yes, indeed, lots of them.

Did the USA support discreditable regimes and did they give them dangerous weapons?

We don't want to get on anybody's bad side, but the USA was sending arms to e.g. Iraq's Saddam continuously for many years, even after he has massacred thousands of Kurds. And also: why would the USA supply Saddam with weapon-grade anthrax, if they would not quietly agreed that Saddam will use it in the war? Well, of course, in the war against Iran, that is OK, right? Antrax is a terrible thing and I would not want any civilians to suffer, Iranian or American…

How is it in the USA with democracy?

It is one of the few countries that still has the death penalty. They threaten to execute at least one prisoner that many people consider innocent and rally for his freedom. Recently, lots of false accusations were proven in many death sentences. USA has one the biggest number of people imprisoned - both absolutely and relatively.

The current President is taking very little notice of his opposition and of the people that protest against him. In the time of his presidency, he pushed many laws that substantially increased the power of the police and secret services, that will land even much more people in jails. Those laws also take away people's privacy. He tries to limit the access of his citizens to information. He, for example, wanted to stop a certain Arabian TV station from publishing a speech of a certain known person (which we are not fans of, but it does not matter here).

The USA often mistreated their Indians. It is not long ago when the Indians in Arizona were complaining that the federal government supplied them with blankets that were infected with deadly germs.

Is the USA dangerous to the rest of the world?

There are many local terrorists and paramilitary groups in the USA that the government is not able to control. They will never catch them all. Timothy McVeigh did not hesitate to blow up a building with offices and a preschool. Anther American fired a bomb at the Olympic games, that are supposed to represent peace. Domestically and internationally were sent letters containing anthrax that originated from the US program of biological weapons. In the USA, there are both hard-core nationalists that don't wish anything good to any other nations, and racists, who still these days, dressed in white masks, burn crosses. There are both ready-for-anything religious fanatics that blow up "abortion" clinics and satanists. The government of the United States is not able to put many of these movements under control.

The USA is very actively meddling in international affairs, often very unscrupuously. They, for instance, mailed a cigar filled with explosives to a president of a certain country (who we don't fancy, but that is not relevant here). USA deliberately and unilaterally revoked many international treaties that they have ratified before.

The USA is hurting the environment of the whole planet - they spend more gas than anybody else, both absolutely and per capita, they rejected the agreement to lower the CO2 emissions, they pursue to drill for oil in Alaskan pristine environment. USA sabotaged the landmine-ban convention. Landmines maim thousands of civilians every year.

Some cannot help noticing that the US president is preparing a war against other country, even if that would kill thousands of innocent civilians - for his image, for the need to have some enemy when the Cold War is finally over, and perhaps for a personal gain. The USA has already bombed cities and killed lots of civilians, mainly civilians, and even after 60 years have not apologized for it.

And so the reasons for attacking the USA could be found. There are lots of nice, sweet, friendly, smart, honest people in the USA, and there are many things we can admire in the USA. But when we (Let us play with that idea that we are the Czech government) need a reason for war, we will not be mentioning these things too much.

Instead, we will give the president of the USA a chance to go to exile. If he wants to prevent our attack, that is. We will threaten to bomb cities, so the Americans would start feeling aversion to their president. (no, it won't work, would it. But we do hear those rationalizations from the US government these days…)

USA will object to it, saying that our reasons for war are manufactured. We will counter that the USA is only looking for an excuse and doesn't do anything to comply. They don't want to give us all their weapons, halt the development of new weapons, they are not successful in controlling their terrorists and militias, and George Bush is not willing to run away to exile.

The UN will not agree with our military plan, it will offer to disarm the USA in a mutual action of an international team. But we proclaim that if the UN will say no, we will attack the USA anyway. For preventative reasons. Some of their terrorists could steal some anthrax from the US government and use it against us. We have a right to protect ourselves.

There will be popular singers protesting against the ambitions of the Czech government, so will millions of protesters all around the world, the demonstrations will be, in fact, the largest in the history. But our Czech leader will utter that this is such a principial war that he cannot listen to the crowds. He has his strong moral standards and he will follow those. Germany and France will protest officially. Well, we will ban the French wine from our country and we will move our military bases from Germany to Ukraine. No, we will not support somebody who is not with us.

How will the USA be after our attack? Well, it is not something we would give too much thought to. We will install a Czech commander there and we will station there some of our weapons, and the "Democracy" will inevitably be installed that way…

Please, understand by now. The Czech government is not going to attack the USA. I am not encouraging it neither. I don't even think it would be justified nor proper. It is just to the contrary - I am trying to show you how absurd it would be. But let us have a look at what would happen if we did:

Some nations (Americans in the first place) would be so mad, that they would want to retaliate. Most countries would probably not be strong enough to attack the Czechs with their army, but some of their citizens would probably be so determined that they would perform a few lonely terrorist attacks against the Czech citizens. It would not be the correct thing to do, terrorism can never be justified, but those desperate people would still do it. They would have a different system of values than we do, after such a war.

Our government would then go ahead and start another war - a war against terrorism. Since such a war can never be won, it would give us the right to attack any nation in the world, at any time. We will, then, be surprised to find out that our President has a major share in the weapon-making industry… our own country would, in the meantime, change into an orwelian police state. The government will be spying on everybody and the jails would be overflowing with new inmates with draconic sentences. The building of prisons would be the most rapidly booming industry. We could not foresee that when it all started… Our president had such a passion in his strong eyes, how could we suspect… Czechs will not understand why nobody in the world like them any more. Their intentions were so genuine. They just wanted to strengthen the world peace…

And how is it possible: in real life, Czechs would never even think of attacking the USA, nobody would even let them do that after all. And the USA does attack other countries, and the world usually lets them get away with that? Is it because the USA is a more democratic country? That does not make sense, does it. It is because the USA has more power.

Yes. The USA is the most powerful country in the world…

Attack on America and PROPAGANDA